Membership Class Outline

Suggested NWYM Membership Class Topical Outline

Although attitudes toward the importance of membership vary widely among NWYM churches, the Board of Congregational Care believes that membership affiliation is a process which can help strengthen the connection between attenders and the local church. This suggested outline is the result of a survey taken of NWYM churches in 2009-10. You might consider adjusting the order in which the topics are covered according to the emphasis you wish to place on them. For example, “Discuss your personal spiritual journey,” could be inserted into the “Ministry—Spiritual Gifts” section, rather than being the first topic covered.

We hope that you will find this outline and the associated links to be helpful in creating a membership class for your church or in evaluating the materials you are presently using. Your feedback on this outline and linked material will be appreciated.


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SUGGESTED PREREQUISITES: Read Why Friends Are Friends or A Family of Friends, and What Friends Believe (from What Friends Believe and the Queries booklet). These readings usually bring important questions to mind which can be resolved during the membership class.

DISCUSS your personal spiritual journey

ORIGIN of Christ’s Church

HISTORY of Christ’s Church

ENGLAND: Background of where and why Friends begin                 

FRIENDS HISTORY: Fox; growth; persecution; in the colonies; divisions & their causes, FAMILY TREE

“LIFE-STYLE” WITNESS               

DISTINCTIVES: Social concerns; PEACE MAKINGSIMPLICITY; recorded pastors; 

          queries; sacraments (BAPTISM & THE LORD’S SUPPER)

WORSHIP: General information; OPEN WORSHIP

MINISTRY: By all believers; SPIRITUAL GIFTS; callings  

FRIENDS TODAY: World’s yearly meetings; international connections; U.S. yearly meetings; our yearly meeting; our local church         

BUSINESS MEETINGS                                     


APPENDIX A: MEMBERSHIP ALTERNATIVES (e.g. a signed “commitment” form)

APPENDIX B: FINANCES & stewardship study

APPENDIX C: An unofficial glossary of ‘Friends’ jargon and definitions