Benediction—Music by NWYM Friends

Benediction is a compilation CD of worship songs written by Northwest Yearly Meeting friends, for the purpose of singing each others’ songs. (links to audio coming soon!)

If you would like to have a copy of the CD please let us know: YES, I’d like to get a copy

Song titles and artists:

1. Derek Lamson – One Cool Cup of Water
(words and music by Derek Lamson)

2. Jeanne Leonard – God Is Present

(words and music by Jeanne Leonard)

3. Dan Cammack – Everlasting Love

(words and music by Dan Cammack)

4. Ellie Reimer – The Lord’s Prayer

(words and music by Ellie Reimer)

5. Bill Joliff – Lord let Your Light Shine Down Through Me

(words and music by Bill Joliff)

6. Clyde Pickett & Jeanine Selix – No Wonder

(words by Clyde Pickett, music by Jeanine Selix)

7. Cole Miller – Share

(words and music by Cole Miller)

8. Becky Teeters – Heal This Land

(words and music by Becky Teeters)

9. Nate Macy – Romans 12

(words and music by Nate Macy)

10. Chrissy Muhr – The Whole World Belongs To The Lord

(words and music by Chrissy Muhr)

11. Erik Edmundson – Your Will

(words and music by Erik Edmundson)

12. Rebecca Teeters – Here Comes Jesus

(words and music by Rebecca Teeters)

13. Dan Meireis – Hope Inside Of Me

(words and music by Dan Meireis)

14. Liz Sugden – I Will Praise You

(words and music by Liz Sugden)

15. Mauri Macy – Be Gracious To Me (Psalm 51)

(words and music by Mauri Macy)

16. Jeanne Leonard – I Want To Be Willing

(words and music by Jeanne Leonard)

17. Steve & Aletha McKennon – Your Word

(words and music by Steve & Aletha McKennon)

18. Jeanine Selix – He’s Everything

(words by Jim Teeters, music by Jeanine Selix)

19. Dan Cammack – Psalm 86

(words and music by Dan Cammack)

20. Liz Sugden – Surrounded

(words and music by Liz Sugden)

21. Steve & Aletha McKennon – I Will Praise You Lord

(words and music by Steve & Aletha McKennon)

22. Erik Edmundson – Benediction

(words and music by Erik Edmundson)