Christian Education and Discipleship

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The Board of Christian Education and Discipleship is composed of Friends with gifts, expertise and passion for assisting others to follow Christ faithfully and to be transformed into His image. The board is specifically responsible to:

  •   Identify and develop resources and training for children’s ministry.
  •   Oversee programming for Children’s Yearly Meeting during our annual sessions, giving careful attention to the focus and content for the program, and providing suitable leadership.
  •   Oversee NWYM and local church policies for child abuse prevention and safety awareness; receiving advice from the Board of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in matters relating to youth programs, camps and similar activities.
  •   Assist local churches in finding or developing appropriate resources for spiritual growth, discipleship and spiritual formation for all ages; enhancing the vitality of Sunday school for all ages, weekday clubs and activities, Vacation Bible School, small groups, and new educational models.
  •   Foster the development of new retreats, workshops, and regional gatherings to address spiritual growth/discipleship issues.
  •   Publicize and encourage NWYM-sponsored spiritual formation activities and programs, camps, and retreats.
  •   Work with NWYM-related camps to develop suitable programming and to foster mutually beneficial relationships between the Yearly Meeting and our affiliated camps.
  •   Provide connection and encouragement to Friends schools in the NWYM.
  •   Cooperate with other EFI yearly meetings in joining education-related efforts. Send representatives to serve on relevant organizations outside the Yearly Meeting.
  •   Promote and develop appropriate teacher education training throughout NWYM.
  •   Encourage Bible reading, literacy and understanding among all Friends.
  •   Promote peace and justice education within NWYM, including information on conscientious objection for young Friends.
  •   Develop and promote resources for Friends education, history, testimonies, spirituality, and ministry.
  •   Maintain and publish lists of recommended books, audio-visual resources, and other media that encourage Christian/Friends belief and practice for use in local churches and homes.


I heard a voice which said,
“There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition,”
and when I heard it my heart did leap for joy!
George Fox

Query 2
Do you cultivate your spiritual growth through prayer and Bible reading and through attendance at meetings for worship and study? Are you finding joy in the Lord?
Query 3
Does your inward faith turn outward? Do you pray for your friends and associates and for those engaged in spreading the Gospel? Have you examined your beliefs and prepared yourself to share them, with sensitivity and humility, as the Holy Spirit leads?
Query 10
Do you who have children under your care educate them for upright and useful lives? Do you nurture them toward Christian faith and commitment, giving them the Scriptures for their guide? Are you watching over your young people with loving concern and providing a place for each one in the life of the church?
Query 11
Are you teaching your children the ways of Friends? Do you encourage them to participate in Friends programs and to attend Friends schools?