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Friends Women Events

Women’s Banquet

Canyon Commons Dining Hall
Date: Sunday of Annual Sessions for NWYM.  July 21st, in the Canyon Commons.
Speaker:  Liz Seume
Offering:  Quaker Cove

Idaho Retreat

RISE:  Braver
Women’s Retreat 2019
McCall, Idaho

Beautiful McCall, Idaho serves as a backdrop for RISE Retreat. Join us as we adventure into what it means to live courageously for Jesus, what it means to overcome limitations, fears, and doubts. At RISE: Braver, we’ll challenge one another toward who we each long to be.

The Lord promises that he will walk with us through places of trouble and suffering. Join us as we discover what it means to let go of safety and what it means to rest completely in faith, walking in strength and bravery. 

For more info visit:  www.idahoriseretreat.com

Oregon Retreat

September 27-29, 2019
Shine: Beyond Fear
Women’s Retreat 2019
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

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Friends Women Events