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What Friends Believe

Friends hold that an authentic Christian belief results in both an inward faith and an outward expression of that faith.

Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church affirms essential Christian truths. A full description of our doctrinal beliefs are available at Faith Expressed as Doctrine.

The Yearly Meeting also endorses orthodox statements of Friends which challenge contemporary issues, deepening our experience of spiritual reality and our pursuit of social justice. A full description of these cultural testimonies are available at Faith Expressed through Witness.

Both these expressions are part of our Faith and Practice. It includes not only the above sections, but our Governance and Spiritual Queries as well. A complete version of our NWYM Faith and Practice is available as a PDF file (with clickable links for the index and cross-references, as well as bookmarks for folks with PDF readers).

Mission Statement

Here it is as a .wmv: Mission Statement

Core Values

Here it is as a .wmv: Core Values