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    Doug Bartlett

    Agreed, a very important principle in our current culture. It is an excellent example of Christian teaching. Not everything in life clearly falls into the sin or non-sin baskets. Many facets of life require other categories to sort them out. This teaching shows that the Christian is not merely to avoid sinning, but to value Christlikeness in all its manifold beauty and to seek after it in all areas of our life.

    Two questions: (1) Does the “one another” focus the meaning of Romans 12:11 on the interactions between Christians? (2) What type of exceptions might there be to the general principle you have so clearly articulated?


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    Arthur Roberts

    Re. your questions, Doug. First, Rom. 12: 10 clearly shows that honor is something received from others not bestowed upon ourselves. This certainly supports being deferential in situations of public ministry in which primary and secondary roles occur.
    Second, the principle of the strong bearing the infirmities of the weak implies that sometimes a presiding person ought tactfully to augment/clarify a bumbling presentation/performance, at least by affirming the person gracefully.


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