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NWYM Boards

The Eight Boards

There are eight boards that help govern and direct the Yearly Meeting.

Christian Education and Discipleship


Congregational CareElders

Global Outreach

Leadership Development and Enrichment

Local Outreach

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Board Member Expectations

Expectations for all board appointments are:

  1. Attend all regular meetings of the body to which appointed. Yearly Meeting in July, Fall Retreat (between September-November as set by board during YM sessions), Midyear Board meetings (late January).
  2. Participate in the body’s deliberations.
  3. Be supportive of consensus decision making.
  4. Have knowledge of Faith and Practice and Yearly Meeting purpose/goals.
  5. Be an active resident member of an NWYM Friends church.
  6. Resign if other commitments prevent full participation.

Joining a Board

You can nominate someone you know who has a passion for a board’s ministry, or indicate your own interest.

Take me to the Nomination Form.

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NOTE: Letter to all board appointments from Yearly Meeting leadership, June 2018.