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    Gil George

    I must confess that I have an allergy to buzzwords. Coming from a background in information technology, buzzwords are a bane of my existence. We shouldn’t need to continually come up with new words to define the work of the church, in order to make it more palatable. (My personal theory on why buzzwords exist: 1: To mask ignorance. 2: To sell something that the person ordinarily wouldn’t consider buying.) The query that comes to me through this is “Why is the work of the church an unpalatable task that we must be “sold” on?
    So a very hearty “Amen” followed by a whispered “mea culpa” from here.

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    Mike Comfort

    Great topic, Arthur! I appreciate this prompting to think about the words we use. While I agree with your point in general, I feel like making a defense for one of the words you mention!

    I am a very laid-back, easy-going person, who has a natural tendency to let life come to me, rather than to go out and make things happen. This can (and does) lead to complacency and stagnation. I remember my youth pastor, Keith Vincent, telling me many years ago that I need to be “intentional” about how I live out my faith. I grabbed on to that word.

    I liked that word from the start, because it definitely “spoke to my condition” and still does! I appreciate being reminded to be intentional, because things do not happen automatically with me. My being intentional makes it possible for good things to happen… turn off the car radio (and listen); go across the sanctuary after church to speak with someone (and care); pick up the Bible (and be fed).

    Thank you for your thought-provoking comments! This has reminded me of some really important things.


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