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A Journey Toward Peace and Justice

A Conference for  Young Friends i Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda


 Journeying from Rwanda, to Burundi, to Congo, then back to Burundi 

August 4–19, 2013


Download the Conference Information


The Meaning of “Journey” for this Conference

         The conference will deal with peace and justice issues in the three neighboring countries of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. To come to an understanding of the role of each of the three countries in the violence of the past and the present, conference participants will hear from experts on the conflicts and on effective peacemaking in each of the three countries that make up the “Great Lakes” area of Central Africa.

The “journey” theme suggests journeying toward greater understanding of the complex problems of the region. Everyone participating will realize they have much to learn from the speakers, other local people they meet, and from one another. There are no easy answers to the problems of violence in central Africa and the participants must come with a spirit of openness and with a willingness to listen to God and to one another.

The other meaning of “journeying” will be the unusual geographic feature of the conference, with its four different venues in the three countries. The days of travel between each segment of the conference will provide a chance to “digest” the learning from the previous location and to think ahead to the learning that will take place at the next part of the conference. Those able to attend only one of the four parts of the conference will be able to learn from the core group what insights have been gained along the way.


Theme of the Conference

“The Role of Young Friends in Promoting Peace and Justice in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa”


Conference Objectives

  • Explore issues of peace and justice in their historical, cultural  and geographic contexts in the Great Lakes region.
  • Provide insights into practical and effective action for peace and justice.
  • Understand more about the Quaker role in seeking peace and justice in the region.
  • Build supportive relationships with other young Friends.
  • Spiritual growth and maturity that comes from more faithful obedience to Christ, the Prince of Peace.


Who May Attend?

  • A “Core Group” of Young Friends who agree to participate in the entire conference
    • Defined as “Young Friends” by their yearly meeting.
    • Selected by their yearly meeting leaders.
    • May be from one of the sponsoring yearly meetings, or from a yearly meeting outside the region. 
  • Local Young Friends participants
    • Defined as Young Friends by their yearly meeting
    • Travel from home each day or find lodging near the conference facility.
    • Attend all the sessions at that venue.


What is the Cost?

  • For the Core Group
    • The cost, including transport among the four sites, lodging at each site, and meals at each site is $400.
    • A limited number of scholarships are available for core group members.  Those interested in joining the core group members should contact the planning committee member from their yearly meeting.
    • Core group members from outside the four yearly meetings in the region will be responsible for providing a scholarship for a core group member from the region as well as paying for their own expenses.
  • For Local Participants Attending the Conference in their area
    • Local participants are responsible for the cost of their lunch and tea break.  They also are responsible for arranging for their own lodging if they are not able to stay in their own home during the part of the conference they attend.
    • Their local yearly meetings or churches may be able to help with their costs.  For information, contact the yearly meeting planning committee member.


For more information, including the schedule and list of speakers, please download the Conference Information Document 


  1. Brothers,
    I’m on of a team of Burundi who are waiting for you and you are welcome in our country. If you want some picture or foto of some our group,you can visit my facebook or cemeeafacebook!
    Thank you and God bless you again!
    Benard from Kibimba yearly meeting.

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