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    Daniel Wilcox

    Thanks for the encouraging meditation with your words “unlike all fathers “in earth” in that he is perfect. He will never fail us, abandon us or abuse our trust.”

    I know this intellectually, but emotionally, I am going through severe trials at present. And with so many Evangelical Christian leaders claiming God only sent Jesus to die for a limited number of humans and foreordained most of us to eternal damnation, I feel emotionally

    In the Light,
    Daniel Wilcox

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    I’m glad this was an encouraging meditation for you, Daniel.

    It’s hard to hear leaders speak like that and I hope we can be a witness to the fact that Jesus offers life to all of us. This is central to our idea of the Light within, which then leads into our peace testimony. How can we kill or harm anyone if the Light of Jesus is within each of us?

    Trials can be hard, and I hope you have community to journey with during this time.

    Joel Bock


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