2019 Workshop Resources

Monday: 1:00 pm

1. Reaching Unreached Friends, Neighbors, and Skeptics: Introduction to Alpha (Chris Hinderliter and Kirk Peterson, Alpha Regional Representative) – HVR 105

2. Discerning Your Vision and Purpose: Self-Assessment Tools for Church Health and Growth (Roy Lujan) – HVR 103

Monday: 2:30 pm

1. Estate Planning: Building God’s Kingdom through Stewardship of His Resources (Gene Christian) – HVR 102

2. Prayer: The Key to Revival, Call to Intercession (Chuck Mylander) – HVR 105

3. Speak Lord for I Am Listening: Answering God’s Call to Serve (Judie Hayes and Paul Anderson) – HVR 103

Tuesday:  1:00 pm

1. Tools and Tips for Using Technology to Reach Potential New Attenders (Presentation Team: Melissa and Joel Kelly, Jacob Newton, Elizabeth Licon, and Joseph Harrison) – HVR 105

2. Strategic Planning vs. Scarcity Thinking: Creative Ways to Enhance Your Ministries (Dianne Hansen and Mintha Muhr) – HVR 103

Tuesday:  2:30 pm

1. Funding Your Ministry Dreams: Building God’s Kingdom through Stewardship of His Resources (Mark Thompson) – HVR 102

2. The World is Coming to Us: International Student Outreach (Ping-Yi Shih) – HVR 105

3. They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love: Overcoming Obstacles to Build Relationships (Jim and Jeanne Leonard) – HVR 103

Wednesday: 1:00 pm

1. Multiplication Mindset: How Churches (of any size) can Plant Churches (Jim Le Shana with others) – HVR 105

2. Reaching Out to Those Who Hurt: How to Start a Grief Support Ministry (Betty Jo Steele) – HVR 103

Wednesday:  2:30 pm

1. Effective Spiritual Leadership for Healthy Church Development (Debbie Harrison) – HVR 102

2. First Impressions: Seeing Your Church through the Eyes of a Visitor (Ken Redford and Jacob Newton) – HVR 105

3. How to Become a Cross-Cultural Missionary (Dan Cammack and EFM Missionaries) – HVR 103